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Teaching History of Photography in the Online Environment


For the past few years I’ve had the pleasure and challenge of teaching the history of photography in the online environment using a very sophisticated and user friendly instructional delivery program called Moodle.  Teaching online is very different than teaching in the traditional classroom environment because I don’t actually ever meet my students other than on our weekly discussion boards and the occasional Skype meeting. I have always been a history buff especially when it comes to art and photo history and that is why I love sharing my passion for art and photography with my students. Here is a little insight into some of the things we are exploring on our online course.

camera_obscura_boxCamera Obscura

Photography is still in its embryonic stage compared to other art forms like sculpture, drawing, architecture and painting. The art of painting goes back approximately 35,000 years to the cave walls in France.

Camera_obscura_box.jpg Just…

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