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Similar Pairs – On resemblances and special affinities in Vienna

Similar Pairs. On resemblances and special affinities

Armin Bardel, Michael Michlmayr


Similar Pairs brings together two mutually independent projects that examine the phenomenon of specific affinities: similarities between works of different authors, as in Armin Bardel’s Simile, and visual echoes within an artist’s oeuvre, as in Michael Michlmayr’s Pairs.

Simile started out as a sort of annotated catalogue. It soon became apparent that others, before or after, had already made similar things. The project grew into a documentation of such resemblances, pairing each object with a work by the artist himself. Simile is an exploration of authorship, originality, the role of accident, and other factors that play a part in the genesis, reception, and assessment of a work. It is also interesting to note that the related works were found by chance.


Pairs, which was begun in 2004, is a collection of images that highlight instances of formal, substantive, or contextual overlap, complementation, or resemblance and outline them in pairs of pictures. The process of visual composition begins with “seeing” something and drawing a connection to “what was seen before.” In some cases, the matching part of the image is found as the photographs are taken—the pictures may originate at nearby or distant locations and around the same time or years apart—; in others, the components are identified during a subsequent review of the archive.

Nov 7 2014 to Nov 30 2014

Hofmobiliendepot •Vienna Andreasgasse 7, 1070 Vienna Tuesday – Sunday: 10:00-18:00


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